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    If you have been accused of a violation of criminal law in the state of Arizona, you should contact one of the highly qualified prescott criminal lawyer who comprise My AZ Legal Team, PLLC.

    Prescott Criminal Lawyer

    Prescott Criminal Lawyer - Best Lawyer Gets Best ResultsIf you have been accused of a violation of criminal law in the state of Arizona, you should contact one of the highly qualified prescott criminal lawyer who comprise My AZ Legal Team, PLLC. In order to fight what can be harsh legal ramifications resulting from criminal charges, you need an experienced Yavapai County criminal defense lawyer on your side. Our criminal defense lawyers may be contacted every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

    The criminal defense attorneys at My AZ Legal Team, PLLC won’t ask for a retainer before taking on your case. Your initial legal consultation with one of our professional criminal attorneys will be absolutely free and can be conducted in person or on the phone, whichever is most convenient for you. Additionally, we can meet you outside of “regular” business hours, on the weekends or in the evenings if you require. When it comes time to discuss our fees, you will find that our prescott criminal lawyer offer surprisingly affordable rates.

    To avoid expensive fines and/or serving jail time, it is vital that you talk to one of our Yavapai County criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible after being charged with a criminal offense. You will soon discover that many criminal offenses are readily solved when a qualified attorney is working for you. Even if you don’t have much cash on hand, we have found that most of our criminal defendants are able to afford our competitive fees and can take advantage of our easy payment plans.

    Areas of Practice

    The Prescott Criminal Lawyer of the My AZ Legal Team provide aggressive representation for a variety of criminal matters. Whether you have been charged with a crime or are awaiting charges, we’re available around the clock to help.

    Schedule a free phone consultation today and speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney about the following criminal matters. Click through for introductory information prior to your consultations.

    Choose the My AZ Legal Team for Your Criminal Defense

    Why should you choose the My AZ Legal Team to handle your crime? We are the most qualified, experienced criminal defense lawyers in Yavapai County, evidenced by our supreme track record with our clients. Our firm offers:

    • Better Business Bureau rating of A+, the highest possible rating
    • Numerous positive reviews online from former clients
    • Various locations throughout the state of Arizona
    • Economical payment plans and competitive fees
    • Your initial consultation with a qualified, committed criminal defense attorney will be offered at no cost to you
    • Attorneys who are accessible to talk with you all day, every day, as well as every day per year
    • By request, weekend and evening appointments are also available

    How Do I Prepare for My Consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    If you have never been faced with a criminal offense before, you might find the criminal justice system confusing and even frightening. When this occurs, you should make an appointment as soon as possible for a consultation with one of the criminal defense attorneys at My AZ Legal Team. We know that picking up the telephone to take that first step can be scary in itself, however. Therefore, the criminal defense lawyers at My AZ Legal Team have put together the following points to help you prepare for your initial consultation with a Sierra Vista criminal defense lawyer.

    Preparing for a Consultation with a Criminal Defense Attorney

    The system of criminal justice in Arizona can be bewildering and daunting if you are new to it. Are you facing a criminal offense? If so, contact our dedicated criminal defenders at My AZ Legal Team for an initial consultation offered at absolutely no cost to you. What should you do before your consultation with the attorney? There are some ways that you can be proactive now and make your first meeting with your Prescott criminal defense attorney the most effective meeting possible.

    Step 1: Collect Your Records

    Gather any and all records and papers that you have received regarding your criminal offense. All of this is necessary to bring along to your first meeting with your Prescott criminal defender. Even if these items are small, like tickets or receipts, bring them all, as your attorney will need them in order to prepare your defense.

    Step 2: Document What Happened, In Your Own Words

    Journal all that you can recall about the situation that has landed you in the Yavapai County criminal defense attorney’s office. All details are important, and nothing is too small to mention to your attorney during your first meeting with him or her. Especially vital to your case are things like times, locations, places and dates, as well as people involved. Of course, also chronicle what really occurred, in your own words. Also note what steps law enforcement have taken regarding your criminal case. There is no such thing as too much information when you document what you plan to relate to your Yavapai County criminal defender during your initial consultation.

    Step 3: Specify Possible Witnesses

    Remember when we told you in Step 2 above to list the people involved? In Step 3, consider those people and determine who are witnesses that may be able to assist in defending your case. These include actual witnesses to what occurred as well as any alibis you might have. Note each person’s full legal name and contact details (this should include addresses and phone numbers). This information will assist your Prescott criminal defender in the defense of your criminal offense.

    Step 4: Organize What You Wish to Ask Your Attorney

    Your last step in preparing for your first consultation with a Prescott criminal defense attorney is to organize any inquiries you wish to put to him or her. These include questions about your case, the criminal justice system, or whatever you are curious about.

    Examples of possible questions are:

    • Will my case be handled by a judge or a jury?
    • Do you think my case can be dismissed?
    • What possible penalties do I face if convicted of this criminal offense?
    • Do you think my conviction could possibly be expunged from my permanent record?
    • What is probation and what does it consist of?

    Questions that you may have regarding the criminal lawyer and his or her background include:

    • How many years have you been in the practice of criminal law?
    • Have you always worked in the state of Arizona?
    • Have you handled cases like mine? If so, how many?
    • Do you often settle cases out of court?
    • How much will you be charging me?
    • Are your fees charged by the hour or by flat fees?
    • Can I really expect to reach you anytime of the day or night if I need you?
    • What payment plans and options can you offer me in paying your fees?

    If you decide to choose one of our attorneys, you can be sure that the capable criminal defenders at AZ Criminal Defense Group, PLLC will work their hardest to make sure that they achieve the best outcome for you in your criminal case.


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      They were absolutely amazing in handling our case!! The entire firm worked as a team and were all extremely determined to handle our case promptly ensuring things were taken care of. They had confidence in and out of the courtroom in handling our case! We were reassured constantly when things got nerve wrecking and their actions gave us faith that we would be treated fairly. I love how much knowledge they all possessed in all areas of the law.